2WA Ladies ELITE Level II Armoured White OFFICIAL V2 Shirt

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Our 2WA Ladies White OFFICIAL V2 ELITE Long Sleeve Shirt With a 200GSM 100% Cotton outer. Full 220GSM 100% Genuine DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibre Knitted Weave Middle Liner, Superfine Mesh Comfort Liner & Level II CE Elbow/Forearm, Shoulder & Spine Armour, is the perfect essential for any female rider.

As riders, we know all too well that soaring temps in the summer can become too extreme to wear gear. Overheating in your gear not only makes you uncomfortable but can cause impatience to get moving and get air flowing to cool you down.

We don't believe that a Kevlar® Fibre lined shirt was enough to keep the avid rider safe in the summer months. Which led us to design the Armoured ELITE Street Shirt. Using our 2WA low profile, impact absorbing CE Visco Elastic Level II Elbow/Forearm & Shoulder Armor combined with CE Level II Spine Protection.

A lightweight, casual long sleeve tee that can be worn on or off the bike. We believe, the many uses this shirt offers for riders, makes it an essential for any riders' wardrobe.

Wear it underneath any jumper or jacket with or without the Armor to turn any favourite casual shirt or jumper into a protective one. In the scorching summer months, our ELITE Street Shirt really outperforms. Feels like you are wearing protective gear yet feels like you are just wearing a shirt. We have designed this shirt for maximum airflow to help keep riders from not only overheating but becoming impatient in slow traffic conditions. With our added rear hidden Velcro® belt loop to attach the shirt to your pants to stop rising. 

We have also tested this shirt as an under layer of our OFFICIAL Hoodie in sub-zero riding conditions. We were so impressed with the warmth it provided in absolutely freezing conditions. 

  • Genuine 100% Cotton Outer Layer
  • Genuine 100% 220GSM DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibre Stretch Weave Middle Layer
  • Level II CE Certified Viscoelastic Impact Absorbing Armour
  • All Embroidered Logo's For Long Lasting Style
  • Ladies Hourglass Shape & Fit
  • The Pinnacle Of Summer Riding Protective Wear
  • Lower Back Belt Loop To Attach To Your Jeans
  • Designed For Maximum Breathability & Airflow
  • Use As A Base Layer For Extra Warmth And Protection
  • Full Genuine 100% Kevlar® Lining Throughout Whole Shirt

DuPont™ & Kevlar® are trademarks of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.

All 2WA products are designed to the highest standard using only genuine certified materials including DuPont™ Kevlar®, SoftShell®, CE Certified Armour, YKK®, Velcro® and materials of the highest quality. Our products are designed to offer a layer of protection when armour Is inserted correctly. They are not designed to prevent injury or death. 



2WA Ladies ELITE Level II Armoured White OFFICIAL V2 Shirt
2WA Ladies ELITE Level II Armoured White OFFICIAL V2 Shirt
2WA Ladies ELITE Level II Armoured White OFFICIAL V2 Shirt
2WA Ladies ELITE Level II Armoured White OFFICIAL V2 Shirt