At Two Wheel Appeal we know how real the struggle can be for new riders in getting their first bike, let alone the cost of riding gear. 

For years we have heard the same thing from many a new rider. This led us to start the TWO WHEEL LEARNERS APPEAL. Giving Learner riders 30% off store wide, to use in one transaction once only, with a limit to one of each item.

To qualify you must hold your learners permit, have held it for no longer than 3 months and signed up for a store account. Proof of learners license will be required. One use per person.

We believe every new rider should be in Safety Gear and want to help see this happen. That's TWO WHEEL APPEAL.

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  • Hailey Chamberlain

    Hi I’m loving the R7 it’s so gorgeous, I think it’s fantastic you’re giving L plate new riders such an amazing opportunity with your two wheels learners appeal, May I suggest you looking into extending that opportunity for RE riders who haven’t ridden since going RE & to any returning riders who haven’t ridden for 6 months or more. Love your work & i’m so excited you’ve teamed up with L & S motors for this prize draw. Cheers Hailey Chamberlain

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