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We took our 2WA RESPECT Glove and redesigned it for greater strength, comfort and protection. After being put to the test in a high-speed accident, we decided that although this glove was perfect in protecting the hands from sustaining any injury. We believe we could make some improvements to make it even better! 

Designed with the warmer months and a little more protection in mind

The 2WA RESPECT Glove is our go to glove! With everything a GP glove has to offer and more, but in a low-cut design that can be worn with any shirt or jacket. 

Constructed from a full grain supple and durable cow and goat leather with a kangaroo leather palm panel. The whole glove is lined with genuine DuPont™ Kevlar® both on the upper and lower palm, giving you ultimate abrasion resistance and improved comfort. The fingers are reverse stitched which gives you a much higher comfort level and ultimate finger feel on the controls. We added a finger bridge on the outer fingers to prevent finger roll and finger separation on impacts. This also aids in better throttle and lever control. The outer edge and finger of our Respect Glove have been stitched with genuine 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® thread.

The inner fingers are perforated to allow airflow and the inner TPU knuckles are vented to provide airflow to the upper areas of the glove. Kevlar® backed carbon fibre outer knuckles. Embedded protectors in finger knuckles. We have added extra protection to the impact zone of the palm area stitched with Kevlar® and given an extra layer of kangaroo leather, impact slider and absorber giving you ultimate protection. Both the outer finger and thumb have impact absorbers with pull on tab to protect the inner wrist. The upper palm, inner finger and thumb have an extra layer of perforated goat leather which not only gives you amazing throttle and bar grip but provides extra cushioning on the bars to help combat hand numbing. 

All our original features of this glove have remained.

  •  Full Grain Cow, Goat and Kangaroo Leather
  •  Fully lined with 100% Genuine DuPont™ Kevlar® Fibre
  •  Reverse Stitched fingers for ultimate comfort and finger feel
  •  Kevlar® Stitched Finger Bridge to Prevent Finger Roll
  •  Kevlar® Stitched Impact Area 
  •  Perforated Fingers & Vented TPU Knuckles For Greater Airflow
  •  Carbon Kevlar® Outer Knuckles & Increased Protection
  •  Carbon Upper & Lower Finger Knuckle Protectors
  •  Pull On Tab With Impact Absorber for easier fitting and added wrist protection
  •  Kevlar® Stitched Kangaroo Leather Palm With Impact Absorber
  •  Impact Absorber on Outer Thumb & Finger
  •  Perforated Goat Leather Upper Palm, Inner Thumb & Finger. Provides Better Bar & Throttle Control & Combats Numbing Hands
  •  Rubber Logo Panel 
  •  Velcro® Close Tab For Quick Fitting

Our V2 also now includes

  • Added accordion panel on the thumb for greater bar comfort
  •  Complete glove now stitched with Genuine DuPont™ Kevlar® thread including all fingers
  • Super soft high grade kangaroo leather palm and fingers for greater bar comfort and durability
  • All new colour combo, logo design and placement


    2WA V2 RESPECT Glove
    2WA V2 RESPECT Glove
    2WA V2 RESPECT Glove
    2WA V2 RESPECT Glove
    2WA V2 RESPECT Glove
    2WA V2 RESPECT Glove
    2WA V2 RESPECT Glove